Emmer Flour

Emmer Flour

Kavılca wheat(Emmer) is one of the first cultivated varieties of Anatolian ancient wheat, genetically preserved.

We offer the flour obtained from Kavılca wheat in the form of whole wheat flour in stone mills, without adding any industrial chemicals and additives.

Contrary to modern wheat, the gluten structure found in Kavılca Flour has soluble form like our ancestors consumed.

Kavilca flour:

- Low carbs,

- Healthy and high protein,

- High fiber,

- Antioxidant, Folic acid and Iron, phosphorus, magnesium,

- It contains rich vitamins and plays an important role in human nutrition due to its features such as easy digestibility.

You will feel the smell of real old bread from real heirloom seeds, healthy wheat.

Kavılca Flour, which has digestible gluten structure, can be used in all kinds of bread, cake, cake, cookie, pastry and all pastries.