Spelt (Dinkel) Flour

Spelt (Dinkel) Flour

RED WHEAT (SPELT) WHEAT is a genetically preserved type of wheat grown thousands of years ago by ancient civilizations in both Europe and Anatolia

With the popularity of healthy and natural nutrition in recent years, its production has increased rapidly.

Its popularity is increasing rapidly due to its genetic structure and the nutrients it contains.

Red wheat, also known as Spelt, is known as the most suitable ancestral wheat for human DNA.

Red wheat (Spelt) wheat is rich in protein and these proteins contain all nine essential amino acids that the human body needs.

We offer the flour obtained from red wheat (Spelt) wheat to our consumers in the form of whole wheat flour without the addition of any industrial chemicals and additives.

Contrary to modern wheat, the gluten structure in Red Wheat Flour is in a soluble form, as our ancestors consumed it.

Red Wheat (Spelt) Flour:

- High Protein

- Contains healthy, soluble gluten.

- All the essential amino acids needed by the human body;

- High vitamin, High Fiber, Antioxidant, Folic acid and Iron, phosphorus, magnesium;

- It is a rich source of vitamins.

- It is very easy to digest and intestinal friendly

- Has great flavor