Einkorn Flour

Einkorn Flour

It is grounded from ancient seeds, using contract farming method and traditional methods, in our modern facilities, without adding any industrial chemicals and additives, as whole grains in our stone mills, and packed in healthy paper packages.

Einkorn wheat is among the first cultivated varieties of wild wheat varieties.

It is a type of spelt with 14 chromosomes and an inheritance.

It is known as the ancestor of einkorn wheat, which started to be grown about 10 thousand years ago.

Contrary to modern wheat, the gluten structure in einkorn flour has not been changed as it was in einkorn wheat, and is in a soluble form as our ancestors consumed.

Einkorn flour:

- Low carbs,

- Quality, soluble gluten and amino acid content,

- High and quality protein, high fiber,

- It plays an important role in human nutrition due to its antioxidant, folic acid and easily digestible properties.

Einkorn Flour, which has a digestible gluten structure, can be used in all types of bread, cake, cake, cookies, pies and all pastries.