About Us

Our motto is "from real seeds to real foods"

What do we do:

  • We produce nature and human friendly food.
  • We produce healthy and safe products.
  • We fulfill our social responsibility for safe food.
  • We offer to the consumers alternative and innovative products, against industrial foods.
  • We contribute to agricultural sustainability and local diversity by preserving our local seeds.

Kappadokia produces healthy and alternative foods from a known source against industrial food products.

We supply wholesale oat flakes, quick oat flakes, gluten-free oat flakes, oat bulgur, oat fiber, oat bran and oat flour to companies and market chains.

We carry out our gluten-free product production under careful control, starting from the seed, from the field to the harvest and processing. We are also proud to produce the first 'gluten-free oat flakes' in our country.

As Kappadokia Food family, we continue our way by diversifying our products with our experience of more than fifty years of traditional flour production inherited from our grandparents.

As Kappadokia Food, we are proud to register the first ancestral, genetically preserved wheat variety of our country in 2020, through our Kappadokia Seed company.

Against industrial wheat flours, for tens of thousands of years, genetic structure has not been played with even if it is hybridized, the ancient and ancient seeds of Anatolia, local varieties such as siyez(einkorn), kavılca, red wheat (spelt), karakılçık, gacer, gernik and şahman are used in our stone mills with traditional methods. We produce additive-free, heirloom flours, pastas and bulgur.

We produce healthy foods, especially sprouted wheat flour. Activated (sprouted) cereal grains turn from being a grain to a plant during sprouting and therefore becoming beneficial for nutritive and human health.

Our Mission and Vision:

We produce oat flakes, gluten-free oat flakes; sprouted, super seed and heirloom grains flours; and kernels of quinoa, amaranth, teff, beluga lentils, black chickpeas, grechka (buckwheat) which are in the changing world trends, locally in our country, starting from the seed, and produce them in wide areas. We aim to bring it to a state where it can be consumed by all segments of society with a more affordable price policy.