Quinoa Bulgur

Quinoa Bulgur

"The most delicious and nutritious form of quinoa..."

Super Bulgur, Quinoa Bulgur…

Quinoa Bulgur is the product that puts an end to the discussion of "Quinoa or bulgur?"

It is our patented product.

The first gluten-free bulgur is 'Quinoa Bulgur'.

The most nutritious bulgur is 'Quinoa Bulgur'.

It is completely local and suitable for our country's taste.

Due to the cooking and drying processes, it is resistant to mold growth and has a longer shelf life than other products. Since the nutrients in the germ part of the grain remain in the grain during the cooking process, the grain is very rich in terms of nutritional value.

High source of folic acid. Due to the folic acid it contains, it is a very important food item, especially for children and pregnant women. Quinoa bulgur does not contain cholesterol and gluten.

Phytic acid, which is the biggest disadvantage of quinoa and cereal products, prevents the absorption of nutrients and minarets, is not found in quinoa bulgur or is reduced to a minimum level due to the cooking and drying processes of bulgur. Therefore, quinoa bulgur has a much richer nutritional content than grain quinoa and is beneficial.

It is very rich in terms of fiber ratio, mineral and vitamin richness, nutritional value, carbohydrate ratio, protein and amino acid, anti-carcinogenic, anti-aging values and qualities and caloric values from bulgur and quinoa produced from wheat.

No industrial methods are used in the production stages.

Since 'Quinoa Bulgur' is produced with completely traditional methods, it is natural, additive-free and very delicious compared to quinoa.

It can be prepared in 5-7 minutes.

Usage areas: Quinoa bulgur; You can enrich your meals by adding them to your rice, soups and salads.

Nutrition facts for 100 g

Energy 1430.73 kJ / 342.28 kcal
Carbs 49.12 g
Sugar 1.2 g
Fat 6.4 g
Saturated Fat 0.8 g
Fiber 20.9 g
Protein 11.6 g
Salt 0.0 g