Oat Fiber

Oat Fiber

Oat Fiber is a high fiber source additive that you can add to some of your foods, especially pastries (bread, cake, muffin, etc.).

You can add 'Oat Fiber' to make your pastries such as bread, cake, muffin, etc. dietetic and turn them into a high-fiber, satiating product.

It is one of the best sources of fiber. It is naturally 'gluten free'.

Oat fiber falls under the whole grain category as it is made from the husk of the oat.

What makes oat fiber particularly interesting is that it doesn't break down in the body's digestive system. As a result, it supports healthy digestion.

Oat fiber is quite different from oat bran, another source of fiber. It contains almost no carbohydrates.

Unlike bran, oat fiber contains no starches, making it a useful carbohydrate alternative.

The bran of the oat grain is made of approximately 65% insoluble and 35% soluble fibers. Both types of fiber are important for health and digestion: Soluble fiber absorbs water into a gel during the digestive process, while insoluble fiber helps food pass through the intestines and stomach more efficiently.

Oat bran contains more carbohydrates than oat fiber, so it should not be considered a substitute. The two products are made differently, have very different textures and provide their own unique benefits.

Using Oat Fiber:

In contrast to its coarser, denser texture than bran, oat fiber has a fine, powdery consistency that allows it to be used in a variety of ways.

Optionally, it is added into the flour used, in half or 1/4 or less in the bakery products.

When oat fiber is used as a flour alternative or as an additive in bakery products, it gives volume to the dough; Since it absorbs a lot of liquid, you will need to adjust the liquid content.

If Oat Fiber is added to your pastries such as bread, cake, muffin, etc., it becomes healthy, dietetic, with high fiber content. Even while preparing your soups, you can add some to it...

  1. Oat Fiber aids digestion to help normalize their movement and support overall gut health.
  2. Oat Fiber helps relieve constipation problems.
  3. Oat Fiber helps control blood sugar levels.
  4. High-fiber foods help maintain a healthy body weight due to their satiety feature.
  5. Oat Fiber can help lower your risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.